Ticket Tracker

CSAS/2 was developed by management and data processing professionals. CSAS/2 is a complete set of integrated accounting applications designed to help you increase the overall productivity of your organization.


Ticket Tracker

Keeping the public safe from harm on your streets and highways is hard work. The easy part should be accounting for traffic tickets after they are written. CSAS/Pro Ticket Tracker helps the administrative and clerical personnel of a municipality account for traffic tickets and track court dates. CSAS/Pro Ticket Tracker also tags for suspension the drivers license of the offenders who fail to make their court dates. All information is stored according to the officer who writes the ticket, the offender who receives the ticket, and the ticket number. Multiple companies can be set up for multiple jurisdictions and/or multiple classifications of offenses. Payments designated to other funds are automatically compiled. CSAS/Pro Ticket Tracker is designed for quick and accurate lookup of offender or ticket number. Printed reports from CSAS/Pro Ticket Tracker are excellent tools for reporting to management on the status of paid and unpaid traffic tickets.

Standard Reports

  • License Certificates
  • Expired Licenses
  • Not Renewed
  • Licenses Due to Expire
  • Letters Renewal
  • Letters Listing By Licensee


  • All data entry is done through task-oriented input display screens
  • Capable of tracking information for multiple jurisdictions and classifications of offenses
  • Special comment fields are included in each ticket record
  • All reports can be viewed on the screen, printed, or downloaded to other software (e.g. Microsoft Word)
  • Inquiry may be made by: First Name, Last Name, Driver’s License Number, Social Security Number, Vehicle Tag Number, Officer Ticket Number