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UtiliPay is a complete utility billing software and payment system designed to work with the small to large utilities. UtiliPay understands the unique business needs required for different size utilities and puts all of those needs together in one secure platform. UtiliPay payment software can be integrated into any billing software. This platform offers a secure customer portal. This portal gives the client the ability to choose their payment type, keeps track of past transactions, gives choices of notification types, and even offers e-billing. UtiliPay’ s utility billing software helps utilities save time and money while being secure and providing great customer service.

Billing Software

The Utilipay Billing software is a cloud-based solution to give a utility flexibility to work from any environment. Plus, with flexibility comes time and money savings. Features of UtiliPay include:


  • Calculates billing for water, sewer, trash, gas, and power utilities
  • Prints postcard bills that can be mailed using reduced waste per card
  • Print front and back of the bill to send messages to the clients
  • Flat Rates, tiered rates, taxes, and fees are billable
  • E-Billing capabilities to save money for the utility
  • Text message notifications for shut off notices, emergency management, boil water orders, and other town or municipal needs
  • Cloud based for remote access to work
  • Inexpensive Setup costs and annual costs

Payment Platform


  • Secure Account Creation, Login, & Management
  • Create/Reset Passwords
  • Account Balance Lookup
  • Payment Options: Credit/Debit Card, Automatic Payments, ACH, or One Time
  • Secure accounts storage options
  • E-Billing capabilities
  • Text Message notification management
  • Auto Pay Features

Payment Options

Customers will be able to setup multiple type of payment options. One of them is Auto Pay. Auto Pay will have their bill E-Billed to them which saves the utility time and money and the customer won’t have to worry about their bill, as long as they have the money to pay it. The customer will setup ACH payments in the system which will automatically debit their bank account for the correct amount. The payment is then auto posted to their billed account in the software

  • Easy Registration/Management/Enrollment/Unenrollment
  • Multiple Secure stored payment options
  • Transaction History