Accounts Payable

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Accounts Payable

CSAS/2 Accounts Payable is a complete cash flow management system designed to help you track and manage your organization's short term obligations. With it you will have the information you need to make better buying/paying decisions and the information to take advantage of vendor discounts. The CSAS/2 Accounts Payable system is interfaced with the CSAS/2 General Ledger, which means that your financial data is as current as the most recent entries you have made into the CSAS/2 Accounts Payable system. It can also be interfaced to CSAS/2 Purchasing which allows the operator to enter invoices using the Purchase Order. This improves productivity and accuracy. With CSAS/2 Accounts Payable, distribution of expenses may be made to any number of accounts within any number of funds. Invoice entry includes vendor, general ledger account & capital project validation. An invoice line item may be distributed to multiple ledger accounts within multiple funds. The system also features duplicate invoice flagging and reporting. The distribution may be predefined or may be entered “on the fly” while entering the Accounts Payable invoice. Recurring invoices such as monthly bills are supported through user defined templates.


  • 1099’s
  • Open payables by due date
  • Vendor profile
  • Vendor reference
  • Vendor analysis Aged payables
  • Account distribution
  • End of Month AP Balance
  • Vendor History
  • Vendor Labels
  • Input Edit Register
  • Check Register
  • Purchase Journal
  • Opens payable by vendor


  • Ability to enter pre-paid invoices
  • Supports entry of “one time” vendors
  • Support recurring entries
  • Support Validation of GL account, and PO Tacks paid and unpaid invoices
  • Online “Help” and documentation
  • Check reconciliation (through CSAS/2 GL)
  • Prints 1099
  • Each Vendor can have “default” GL account
  • Review your vendor’s year-to-date paid and open invoices online
  • Vendor “Notes” file allows for a place for unlimited free form comments for each and every vendor
  • Interface to CSAS/2 General Ledger, Purchasing