Accounts Receivable

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Successfully managing your accounts receivable is the life blood of your business. Accounts that become past due are harder to collect than accounts which are current. Knowing which accounts pay on time and which accounts are delinquent payers is extremely to today’s business activities.

CSAS Accounts Receivable provides you with the information required to manage your accounts receivable. Easy access to customer balances,  payment histories and payment trends allow you make customer credit policies.

Customer accounts receivable follow-up is a must to keep accounts current. With CSAS Accounts Receivable, you can review accounts which are delinquent and take appropriate action before the account becomes a problem. You can send past due notices using the AS/400 Office Vision, print statements or generate a phone call list.

The CSAS Accounts Receivable can operate as a standalone application or can co-exist with the CSAS Billing system.


  • Aged trial balance
  • Customer reference listing
  • Customer profile listing
  • Customer labels
  • Customer analysis
  • Salesman listing
  • Tax code listing
  • Company listing
  • Ship to address listing
  • Shipping labels
  • Terms code listing
  • Aged trial balance at start of month
  • Transaction edit listing
  • Monthly statements
  • Monthly Transactions


  • All data entry is done through menu-selected, task-oriented input display screens
  • Easy entry of adjustments, invoices and payments
  • Online inquiry of customer information including: demographics, transaction history, open invoices and credit history
  • Calculates late charge
  • Support balance forward and open invoice customers
  • Fully integrated with Billing system to receive invoices produced through the Billing system
  • Fully integrated with General Ledger system to provide accounts receivable transactions
  • Updates bank balance file in General Ledger
  • Fully integrates with Job Costing system to provide job billings and payments to date
  • Provides online maintenance of customers, ship-to locations, salesman, tax codes, company and term codes
  • Special “Notes” file can be added for each customer