Asset Management

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Asset Management

CSAS/2 Asset Management has been designed with four particular tasks in mind. 1) To account for depreciation expense and track the book value of depreciable assets; 2) Schedule preventative maintenance for depreciable and non-depreciable assets; 3) Track the cost of all maintenance (corrective and preventative) of all assets in the system; and 4) Provide a control system that will track assets by fund, department, category, and location. CSAS/2 Asset Management integrates with CSAS/2 General Ledger to post depreciation expense and accumulated depreciation. It also interfaces with Inventory module in order to capture the cost of materials used in the maintenance and repair of assets. A depreciable asset may be set up in the system at any time during the life of the asset by entering the accumulated depreciation at the initial entry. CSAS/2 Asset Management reporting allows decision makers to understand all aspects of an asset: from the depreciation & book value to upcoming service requirements to the cost of maintaining the asset in top operating condition.


  • History listing
  • Maintenance Work Orders
  • Service code listing
  • Equipment Cost Report
  • Past Due Maint. Report


  • Integragtes with CSAS/2 GL and Inventory
  • Tracks assets by Fund, Category, Department, & Location
  • Aids in the control of fixed assets Support Property Tags & Serial Numbers
  • Interfaces to Barcode Scanners & Handheld
  • Physical Inventory process allows the recording of the condition of the asset
  • Allows equipment to be scheduled for preventative maintenance service
  • Tracks the cost of all maintenance (preventative and corrective)
  • Online “Help” and documentation