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The preparation of your employee's paychecks and the required goverment reporting are made much easier with the CSAS Payroll System. With it you can not only track the payroll taxes withheld and make the necessary reports, but you can also monitor your labor distribution by department. Payroll management need no longer be a tedious, redundant job prone to error. CSAS Payroll System can save you time and money by improving every facet of your paycheck writing operation. Payroll could never be easier. The CSAS Payroll System allows for quick and easy time entry. After entering time, calculate and print checks. Data can be easily retrieved thru extensive inquiry and windowing capabilities. Employee earnings information as well every payroll check for the current year can be displayed. Employee history tracks vacation, sick, pay raises and other information. Employee "Notes" allows for a place to store special information such as driver's license number or family member names.


  • Employee profile report (by name, department, or employee #)
  • YTD Earnings Register
  • YTD Check Register
  • YTD Deduction Register
  • Sick/Vacation Report
  • Workman’s Compensation Report
  • 941 Support Schedule
  • FUI Report
  • TEC REport
  • W2’s
  • Payroll Edit Register
  • Check Register
  • Payroll Checks
  • Timecard Labels


  • All data entry is done through menu-selected, task-oriented input display screens
  • Provides for departmental labor distribution and reports
  • Handles hourly and salaried employees on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly pay cycle
  • Flexible time entry allows for input of straight time, overtime, vacation time and sick time with the ability to override the hourly rates or use extended dollar amounts for each employee
  • Supports “cafeteria” plan, 401k and other differed income plans
  • Includes current and year-to-date earnings and deduction information on payroll checks
  • Tracks vacation and sick time taken
  • Timecard calculation program calculates hours by entering time in/time out
  • Allows for up to 20 miscellaneous deductions, all user defined
  • Allows for overriding of check calculations
  • Fully integrated with General Ledger system
  • Check reconciliation provided through General Ledger
  • Provides online maintenance of employee file, employee history file, department file, and tax table file