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The potential of the Purchasing application to your business is more effective stock ordering and receiving. The systems retrieves information from item files and displays it. This quick, easy access to purchase order information improves buyers’ productivity. After the order information is entered, the system prints the purchase orders you request. Warehouse personnel can use this information to track order receipts more effectively. For example, an operator at a warehouse display station can check goods received, including partial shipments, using the vendor’s invoice to verify prices, discount, and other terms that have been agreed upon. Warehouse personnel may also check invoice quantities against the Receiving Report. The Receiving Report is one of several useful receiving documents the application produces. Using the data produced by this application, your personnel can make more profitable purchases and keep a better-balanced inventory. These can be important steps toward reaching higher returns from your inventory investment.


  • Receiving report
  • Purchase order listing
  • Backorder report
  • Batch or online purchase orders


  • Interactive entry, edit, and correction of purchase order for multiple companies
  • Allows orders for items and vendors not on file
  • Messages for buyer, receiver, vendor, and approver kept with order
  • Purchase order printing and tracking
  • Records receiving activity with automatic posting of receipts to Inventory files
  • Provides Accounts Payable input
  • Partial-receipt processing
  • Purchase order status listing
  • A full range of purchasing reports